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An easy way to place recipe pages with content on your WordPress site.

What you get when you use the Recipe Pages recipe pages

  • Multiple recipes on on page
  • Recipe ingredients list
  • Recipe instructions
  • Recipe Notes
  • Photo of recipe
  • Recipe description

Add recipe pages to any post or page

Whether you are writing a post about your company or another company, you can include a well formatted recipe pages.

Quick Start Guide

  • [recipe pages quick start guide at] (

Recipe Pages

Add as many recipe pages to your site as you like. The Recipe Pages plugin lets you create recipe pages and save them for when ever you are ready to use them.


Do I have to know how to program or design?

No. The recipe pages does the programming and design.

Is there a limit to the number of recipe pages I can create?

No, unlimited recipe pages can be created.


  1. Upload recipe pages to the /wp-content/recipe pagess/ directory
  2. Activate the recipe pages through the ‘Recipe Pagess’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click Recipe Pages on the admin menu to enable and set your options.



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