Restrict Content Pro – CSV User Import

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This plugin is an add-on for Restrict Content Pro, a complete subscription and premium content manager plugin for WordPress.

Once activated, this plugin will provide a new menu item under the Restrict menu called CSV Import.

See the CSV User Import documentation for information on how to use this plugin.

Note: this plugin should be able to handle the importation of a few thousands users at a time, but if you have more than 5,000 (or if you are having problems with server timeouts), you will want to consider creating a custom shell script to import the users in batches.


  1. CSV user import page.

    CSV user import page.


  1. Upload rcp-user-import to wp-content/plugins
  2. Click “Activate” in the WordPress plugins menu
  3. Go to Restrict CSV Import and follow directions



  • Fix: Members of free levels incorrectly being given the status “free” in RCP version 3.0+.


  • New: Added support for the upcoming RCP 3.0 update.
  • New: Added option to send password reset email during import.
  • New: Set signup method for imported users to “Imported”.
  • Tweak: Update user account data (first/last name and password) when importing existing accounts.
  • Tweak: Adjust “Disable Notification Emails” description.
  • Fix: Expiration date times are now forced to be 23:59:59 to be consistent with RCP core.
  • Fix: _rcp_new_subscription meta flag is now set on import.
  • Fix: Verify that required user fields are set in the CSV before creating the user account.


  • New: Add user note to imported users saying they were imported from a CSV file.
  • New: Add option to disable email notifications during import process.
  • New: Add support for Subscription ID column (rcp_merchant_subscription_id meta).
  • Fix: Imported members not given subscription level role.


  • Tweak: Added backwards compatibility for using old column header format.
  • New: Automatically set status to “Free” when importing members to a free subscription level.


  • New: Add support for member joined date.
  • Tweak: Improve compatibility with RCP core export file.
  • Fix: Expiration dates with commas not being parsed correctly.
  • Fix: Sanitize expiration date before saving.


  • Only allow CSV files to be selected during import.
  • Load the DatePicker styles on the import page.
  • Add the $user object to the rcp_user_import_user_added action.
  • Cleaned up and documented the code.


  • Fixed an issue with updating existing members


  • User update_user_meta() instead of add_user_meta()


  • Properly esc the select element


  • Improved the CSV import process to make it far more reliable.


  • Added support for updating existing user accounts by passing the user ID to an “ID” column


  • Added a new rcp_user_import_user_added hook that runs after each user is created


  • Added support for subscription user roles


  • Initial Release