Retainful – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails and Next Order Coupons


The fact that you are losing 7 out of 10 potential customers is quite serious. Shopping cart abandonment is an acute problem faced by almost all eCommerce stores in the World.
But research shows that at least 40 to 50% of these abandoned carts are recoverable.

The best abandoned cart recovery solution is – Email Remainders. It is a proven fact that abandoned cart recovery emails can recover at least 30% of the lost carts.

Retainful helps automate your abandoned cart emails. You can schedule a series of timed email reminders that can be sent to the customers to recover your WooCommerce abandoned carts.

Here is an example

  • Send the first email remainder 30 minutes after the customer abandoned the cart
  • Trigger another email reminder after 6 hours of abandonment automatically.
  • Remind the customer again a day after. This time, include a coupon code in the email.
  • Not recovered in 3 days? Send another abandoned cart reminder 3 days after

All these abandoned cart email reminders can be scheduled and automatically sent. No need to manually send these emails.
Retainful can automatically send these abandoned cart reminders in the background.

What more Retainful can do for your WooCommerce Store?

Retainful also provides a simple, easiest way to retain your customers and encourages them to purchase repeatedly from your WooCommerce online store. It can automatically send a single-use, unique coupon code when your customer purchases at your online store.
Your customers don’t just buy one product or use your service once. They come back again and again for more. So why not provide them a little motivation in the form of a coupon? It will help you retain your customer, increase your customers’ lifetime value and boost the revenue.

Unlike other coupon plugins, Retainful generates a unique, single use coupon code and includes them within the default WooCommerce order notification email itself.
This catches the attention of the customer and motivates him to come back and use the coupon for his next purchase.
What’s more? You can add an urgency for the next purchase by setting a validity for the coupon. Example: Coupon expires after 10 days from the date of purchase.

The order notification, transaction emails have a very higher opening rate rather than the plain promotional emails. Also 99.99% of the transactional emails land in the inbox, while the
promotional emails gets into the Promotions tab or in Junk. So Retainful helps you increase the conversions tremendously and grow your business.


Abandoned Cart Recovery Features

  • Automatically send abandoned cart emails when customers abandon their cart
  • Customers can recover their carts with a single click. A unique recovery link is sent in the abandoned cart email.
  • Schedule a sequence of emails (at timed intervals) till customer recovers the cart.
  • Unlimited abandoned cart recovery email templates and email reminders.
  • Capture all abandoned carts including the guest carts.
  • Include the cart items and summary in the emails- Customers can see abandoned cart products in the email
  • Short codes for including customer’s first name, last name. So you can make the cart recovery email more personalised.
  • Plugin automatically stops sending the emails once the cart is recovered
  • Extensive reporting – See abandoned carts, recovered, in-progress carts.
  • See real-time carts, i.e, carts of the customers who are purchasing in your site at the very moment
  • Compare Abandoned Order value* and the *Recovered order values
  • Notify store administrators when a cart is recovered (So you can thank your customer for coming back)

NOTE: We are working very hard to improve the features and bring in more tools that help you recover carts smartly. If you have any features in your mind, please suggest us.

Next Order Coupon features

Supercharge your transactional emails

Retainful comes with an awesome coupon box layout that gets automatically included in the order notifications. You can choose which order statuses should include the Next Order Coupon box.

Coupon Expiry/Validity
You can set an expiry / validity for the next order coupon. Example: You can set the coupon to expire after 10 days.
This will motivate the customer to make his next purchase within 10 days.

Usage restrictions
Limit the coupon to be used only for certain categories or products. You can exclude the products and categories from the coupon as well.

Minimum/Maximum Spend
You can choose to apply the coupon only when a customer spends a minimum value for his next purchase.

Exclude Products on Sale
If you already have products on Sale, you can choose to exclude them from getting a discount from the next order coupon.

Reduces the friction / Auto Apply Coupon

Customer does not have to copy and paste (or type out) the coupon code. They can simply click the Go button/link and the code gets automatically applied at cart when they add any products.
So there is less friction which increases the conversions.

Seamless integration with WooCommerce

Whether you are using the default transactional emails of WooCommerce or use an email customizer, Retainful plays nice with them and includes the single-use coupon.

Insights and Analytics

The Retainful Dashboard shows you the conversions in real-time and know how much money you made through repeat purchases using Retainful coupons. See who have opened the cart recovery emails and the total revenue recovered from lost your carts.


Get a world class support from the Retainful team. We are a customer-first team. Just ping us via the Live Chat icon at
We’d love to hear from you!

Did not find a feature?

We are working hard to bring in more features to recover abandoned carts and customer retention. So please feel free to reach out if you have any feature requests.

More about Retainful

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1. Do I need a Retainful account to use Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails?

No. Abandoned Cart recovery emails can be sent out-of-the-box using the plugin itself. You dont need a Retainful account.

2. Do I need an account for Next Order Coupon?

The basic features like a percentage or fixed discount can be used without connecting to Retainful.
However, coupon tracking requires an account with Retainful, which is partly a Software-as-a-Service platform, built on the cloud. You will need an account when you want to use certain coupon features that depend on the SaaS service.
The plugin is a connector between your WooCommerce store and Retainful. By creating a free account, you can get the API Key for using the platform.
While the plugin handles the interface with WooCommerce, the email opens, conversion tracking and reporting, follow-ups are performed by the Retainful in the cloud.
The Insights and Analytics are recorded and provided via the Platform’s Dashboard.

3. Do you collect any data for conversion metrics?

Retainful records the Next Order Coupon conversions by using only the customer’s email, OrderID and the order total. No other data is collected.

4. What is the Pricing for Retainful

Retainful is free. Yes. There are no charges for using the services of the Retainful – Next Order Coupon for WooCommerce and Abandoned Carts

5. Do I have to pay for support?

No. There is no charges for support.


Quick Setup

  1. Download Activate the plugin on WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Sign up for a free account at (required only if you want to use certain advanced features and analytics)
  3. Get the API Key and Connect the store



  • Initial release


  • New Feature: Usage restrictions
  • New Feature: Coupon validity / expiry
  • New Feature: Maximum Spend Limit
  • New Feature: Exclude sale products from Coupon


  • Fix: Changing parameter


  • Fix: Auto apply coupon by clicking link given in coupon


  • New Feature: Individual coupon use
  • New Feature: Disconnect app from Retainful anytime


  • New Feature: Integrated with WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag and Drop Email Builder


  • Fix: Allow plugin to create and manage coupons, If plugin is not connected to Retainful.


  • New Feature: Abandoned cart recovery emails


  • Improvement: Plugin size reduced


  • New Feature: Send test email of any email template


  • Improvement: Settings optimized


  • New Feature: Automatically creates coupon for old orders, while sending email notifications.
  • Improvement: Send coupon code along admin notification.


  • Fix: Scheduling events issue fixed


  • New Feature: