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Use ‘[TINY-CONTACT-FORM]’ within any post or page.
Add the widget to your sidebar. Make sure the container is at least 320px wide.

Arbitrary section


  • by: Marcis Gasuns
  • da: Jonas Thomsen
  • de: myself šŸ˜‰
  • es: Jeffrey Borbn
  • fr: Jef Blog
  • he: Sahar Ben-Attar
  • hr, it: Alen irola
  • hu: MaXX
  • sv: Thomas


  1. contact form on page

    contact form on page

  2. contact form widget in sidebar

    contact form widget in sidebar

  3. settings page

    settings page


How to style?

  • The complete form is surrounded by a ‘div class=”contactform”‘. Tags in FORM: LABEL, INPUT and TEXTAREA.
  • To change the form style in your sidebar you can use ‘.widget .contactform’ (plus tags above) in your template ‘style.css’.
  • Since v0.3 you can use the settings.

Need Help? Find a Bug?

email to


  1. unzip plugin directory into the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. check the settings (email, messages, style) in backend
  4. insert ‘[TINY-CONTACT-FORM]’ in your page or/and add the widget to your sidebar
  5. without widgets use this code to insert the form in your sidebar.
    ‘?php if (isset($tiny_contact_form)) echo $tiny_contact_form-showForm(); ?’



  • added contact info


  • branched from version 0.7 of Tiny Contact Form