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Generate fully structured PDFs with the latest technology render engine. Full browser engine with SVG, CSS3, ES6, and WebFont support. Everything looks as they do on your browser.

= Free Features

  • Browser Based Rendering Engine ( Headless Chrome )
  • High Quality Structured PDF with selectable / editable text and images.
  • GDPR Compiant
  • PDF page formats (A0 | A1 | A2 | A3 | A4 | A5 | A6 | Legal | Letter | Tabloid | Ledger | Full)
  • PDF page orientation ( portrait | landscape )
  • Delay before PDF render
  • Customizable button

You don’t need to subscribe or register to any services.

= Pro Features

  • PDF Header Footer
  • PDF Margin
  • JS/CSS inject
  • Removes EU warnings and ads
  • Force CSS media emulation for print or screen.
  • Priority support

In order to use these pro features, you need to subscribe to Restpack HTML to PDF API. You can Start 7-Day Trial for Free. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Data Processing Agreement


Can I capture lazy loaded items?

By default, we wait for 500 milliseconds before each capture. You can configure this delay. If you need further control, you can inject your own JS and control the capture shutter.

Can I capture dynamic content like Angular and React?

Our rendering engine supports HTML5, CSS3, SVG, ES6, WebFont, and other latest web technologies, including Angular, React, and other Javascript frameworks.

How to include a link or button to generate a PDF?

You can use the shortcode [restpackpdfbutton]. You can also override default settings by passing them into the shortcode ***[restpackpdfbutton button_text=”Export PDF” pdf_orientation=”landscape” pdf_page=”A4″]



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