SBD Aside

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I recommend against using this plugin with the WordPress Visual Editor, as I have not tested it with the visual editor, and will not support the use of the plugin through the Visual Editor.

Nice features of SBD Aside include:

  • HTML 5 Support. SBD Aside uses the HTML 5 semantic tag aside to play well with search engines and content aggregators.
  • Choose left or right placement on the page.
  • Choose expanded (“open”) style, or collapsible.
  • collapsible ones like on the top right of this page can be collapsed or expanded by the reader as required.
  • Choose round corners or square cut.
  • Choose background colour.
  • Choose width in pixels or percent.
  • Choose from one of two caption underline styles.
  • Display a caption
  • All of the above options/settings are optional. Define your own defaults in the plugin’s setting page.
  • The styling for the aside is compact, with a small font and low margins. This minimises space disruption to the main article.


  1. Deactivate any other plugin that uses the [aside] markup keyword.
  2. Upload sbd-aside folder and its 3 files (sbd-aside.php,sbd-aside.js,sbd-aside.css) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress