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Simple Breadcrumbs – Generates a breadcrumb trail for pages and blog entries. Requires use of permalinks, and php 4.1.0, tested WP 2.7x, 2.8x, 2.9.

Notes: link/crumb information from $query_string, page/post information from $post, using permalink info for making links, using permalink structure for bootstrapping unrolled recursions (deepest to topmost).
Author URI:

Usage Examples:

  • Usage: ?php echo do_shortcode('[simple_crumbs root="Home" /]') ?
  • Usage: [simple_crumbs root="Some Root" /]
  • Usage: [simple_crumbs /]

Sample Output: (with Home as ‘root’)

  1. Home Section Subsection
  2. Home Blog 2009 04 01 Blog Title
  3. Home Search Results
  4. Home Tag Tag Name


A. Configuration Options

  1. Document Root Crumb name passed to function.
  2. Following css class may be defined externally: navCrumb.lnk if needed.
  3. Separator may be chosen.

B. Installation

  1. Copy to plugins (/wp-content/plugins/) folder
  2. Usage:

* from php: ?php echo do_shortcode('[simple_crumbs root="Home" /]') ?
* from html with document root: [simple_crumbs root="Some Root" /]
* from html without document root: [simple_crumbs /]


Version: 0.2.6
fixes in this version: none
* Tested with 2.9 basic operation confirmed.

Version: 0.2.5
fixes in this version:
* Internationalisation support added for title field. Thanks to G?bor Udvari for this excellent suggestion.

Previous Changes

Version: 0.2.3
fixes in this version:
* Missing function sc_unpack_query_string added. Yes! it actually works now. Sorry about the earlier omission.
* Multiple article category handling added.

Released under GNU v2 June 1991