Simple Post Views Count

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Count your posts’ view amount, with realistic method : only after visitor spends i.e. 8 seconds (or whatever you set) on page, only count such views.
* In admin dashboard, you can see the post views amount.
* You can also display the Views amount on the post’s page too, so visitors can see it too.


[post_views icon_or_phrase="Total count:" post_types="post,page"]

To access programatically:

lt;?php if (function_exists('spvc_get_viewcount'))         { echo spvc_get_viewcount($post_id); } ?gt;
lt;?php if (function_exists('spvc_increase_viewcount'))    { echo spvc_increase_viewcount($post_id); } ?gt;

Available Options

See all available options and their description on plugin’s settings page.

Security Efficiency

Note! All plugins released by Puvox.Software are:
• Security-revised: checked and free from vulnerabilities.
• No extra load/sloweness to site (even using tens of such plugins).
• Plugins don’t collect private data.


  1. screenshot in Dashboard

    screenshot in Dashboard

  2. screenshot for visitor view

    screenshot for visitor view


  • More at our WP plugins page.


A) Enter your website “Admin Dashboard Plugins Add New” and enter the plugin name
B) Download plugin from , Extract the zip file and upload the container folder to “wp-content/plugins/”



  • Only php = 5.4 supported


  • First release.