WordPress Image Compression Security Plugin – SmartFrame


This plugin lets you optimise how images are displayed and brings lots of new functionality:

  • The best image security on the internet – add image watermark, prevent right-click and screenshot, copyright notice appearing directly on the image on an attempt to copy or download it. Images are completely invisible to malicious bots.
  • Faster and more responsive images – automatically compress JPEG images and speed up WordPress, always load the image in the appropriate quality and size depending on the device.
  • Deep Zoom and full screen – allowing up to 400% zoom on image without a negative impact on your page speed, also in full screen mode.
  • Embed images with configurable buttons and image caption – add share buttons, full screen mode and interactive text over image, which is retained even if the image is embedded on another website.


  • Right click blocker
  • Customizable watermark
  • Image zoom
  • Full screen button
  • Button on image
  • Custom caption over image

Smart image compression

With SmartFrame plugin, you don’t need to choose between high image quality and page speed anymore. SmartFrame has its own proprietary algorithm in order to compress JPG images and speed up website. Every time a page is loaded, SmartFrame reduce images size and renders your image in the highest needed resolution, based on the device used (retina images). It means that on a smartphone we will render the image in a much smaller size than for example on a 4K screen.

SmartFrame will never upscale your images, so make sure that the original images you upload to the SmartFrame Cloud are high enough quality to look great on large displays. The size of the original image will not affect the page loading speed but if the image is too small, it may not look good on large devices and it may limit the performance of the Deep Zoom feature.

Security and copyright protection

SmartFrame offers much more than a simple right click protection. Here’s what happens when you publish an image on your website via SmartFrame:

  1. The original image is uploaded and stored securely on SmartFrame Cloud. You keep the copyright of the image and you can access, replace or remove it at any time.
  2. An encrypted version of the image is then published on your website.
  3. The image can be decrypted only by SmartFrame Viewer which is added to your website when you publish an image using the SmartFrame plugin.
  4. Your image is then rendered directly onto HTML canvas in the end user browser.

This technology means that your images are protected not only from right-click and common screenshot attempts, but they cannot be found in the source code either. This will discourage most users from copying your images and it will also protect you from any malicious web crawlers which may try to scrap your content.

Deep Zoom

SmartFrame Deep Zoom allows up to 400% zoom of your image, so your visitors can view the details of your images. Our technology renders the image anew with every zoom level, so the initial loading speed is not affected in any way.

Deep Zoom technology is also optimised for mobile where it is accessed through a pinch gesture instead of tapping. It works in the same way, with the image rendered in higher resolution with each pinch.

Button over image and caption

Share Button

Sharing doesn’t have to mean risk for the security. If the Smartframe Share Button is enabled, it allows sharing your images on your terms. It is never the original image that is being shared, but only a SmartFrame encrypted version of it. This means that your caption and any copyright information included in your SmartFrame are also passed along.

Pro Tip: SmartFrame tracks where and when your images are being shared. You can access all this data in the Insights section of the SmartFrame Admin Panel.

Caption on image

Every time you add an image to your website via SmartFrame, you can add a custom image caption to it. Depending on the Theme you select, caption inside image will always be visible on top of it (Security Theme) or only on mouse-over (Presentation Theme).

Full Screen Button

If you enable the fullscreen button, your images will be available to view in the full screen mode. Since the full screen image in high resolution is rendered only once someone clicks on the button, using this feature does not affect the page loading speed. This means that it has never been easier to add full-screen button on your images.

SmartFrame Cloud

SmartFrame plugin uses fast and reliable image distribution cloud in order to process, encrypt and reduce image size. It allows images to be encrypted and displayed quickly and securely in any geographical location. The cloud is a custom implementation of Amazon Web Services and features autoscaling, load balancing, frequent backup, 24/7 monitoring and 99.9% availability and is home to many large international businesses.

It requires a simple registration which is FREE for up to 2GB of images which can be upgraded to Pro or Enterprise plans for more demanding users. Registration also gives you access to SmartFrame control panel which offers lots of unique image tools. Read more about features here.

Compatibility notes

SmartFrame plugin allows you to convert any JPEG image in your pages and posts into SmartFrame format. Support for background images, featured images, galleries and multiple image formats is coming soon. The plugin has been tested with most popular WordPress themes but due to huge variety of WordPress themes and layouts we cannot guarantee that it will work with every theme, especially completely custom ones.
SmartFrame plugin is fully compatible with Smush Image Compression and Optimization, Compress JPEG PNG images, EWWW Image Optimizer, Optimus – WordPress Image Optimizer, CheetahO Image Compression and Optimizer, ShortPixel Image Optimizer, Image optimization service by Optimole, Robin image optimizer, Kraken Image Optimizer, Image Watermark, Easy Watermark, reSmush.it Image Optimizer, Disable Right Click For WP, No Right Click Images Plugin, WP Content Copy Protection No Right Click, WP, Content Copy Protection with Color Design. If SmartFrame doesn’t seem to work correctly with your theme, please write to us and we will do our best to fix it: support@smartframe.io


  1. This image has been converted to SmartFrame: right-click  screenshot protection, custom caption, full screen and share buttons.

    This image has been converted to SmartFrame: right-click screenshot protection, custom caption, full screen and share buttons.

  2. In Attachment Details or Image Details you can enable SmartFrame on the fly.

    In Attachment Details or Image Details you can enable SmartFrame on the fly.

  3. Configure how to manage images on your WordPress site.

    Configure how to manage images on your WordPress site.


Is SmartFrame plugin really free?

Yes, the plugin is completely free to use with the Free SmartFrame account which includes 2GB storage space for your images. However, if you want to increase that space and remove SmartFrame branding from your images, you’ll need to upgrade to the SmartFrame Pro plan which costs €14 a month and offers 10GB storage space. You can read more about SmartFrame pricing here.

Which image formats does SmartFrame support?

Currently, SmartFrame support JPEG images.

What happens to the SmartFrame images when you deactivate or delete the plugin?

If you deactivate or delete the plugin, your images are instantly converted to the original file format and remain visible on your website.

Do I need to create a SmartFrame account to use this plugin?

You don’t need to create a SmartFrame account to use this plugin but if you need more features (e.g. Manage themes) you can easily create a SmartFrame account. You will be always able to use the plugin directly from WordPress, without having to use the main SmartFrame Admin Panel. However, if you’d like to have access to some additional features, such as custom Themes or tracking data, you should explore the Admin Panel.

We are a European business, fully GDPR compliant and we guarantee your privacy and safety of your data. Registration details are only collected for the purpose of servicing your account. We will never share or sell your data.

Where can I get the access code?

If you already have a SmartFrame account and want to connect it with the WordPress plugin, you will be able to find the access key in the SmartFrame Admin Panel in My Account Integrations. Simply paste this code on the plugin page and your SmartFrame account will be linked to your WordPress account.

If you don’t have a SmartFrame account and you want to create one, you can start the registration directly from the SmartFrame plugin.

What is the difference between SmartFrame and other content security plugins?

Most content security plugins disable right-click and some keyboard shortcuts using JavaScript, leaving the original image file still visible in the source code. This will discourage most users from trying to download your content, but it’s still fairly easy for a more tech-savvy person to get access to your original image.

SmartFrame adds a whole new layer of security to your images. Not only are the right-click and keyboard shortcuts blocked, but the image is also encrypted and cannot be found in the source code. This protects your images from most download attempts as well as web crawlers which may want to scrap your content.

What is the difference between SmartFrame and other image compression plugins?

SmartFrame doesn’t change the size or quality of your original image – unlike most image compression solution, we optimize the image in its context, based on where it’s displayed, and not before it’s even published. We make sure that every time you publish an image using SmartFrame plugin, it is displayed on your page in the appropriate size and resolution, based on the device. That means that when displaying an image on a smartphone, we only load it in the small size needed for that device, and on a 4K screen we can show it in much higher resolution.

Can I use SmartFrame only on some of my images?

Yes. When using a SmartFrame plugin you can opt-in to use it for all images which you upload or decide whether you want to use it for a particular image every time you add an image to your post or article.

You can also decide which SmartFrame features are going to be available on a particular image by using SmartFrame themes. As a WordPress plugin user, you can select one of three existing themes, but if you decide to use SmartFrame panel, you will be able to create your own custom Themes.

Will SmartFrame have a negative impact on my SEO?

No, SmartFrame does not have a negative impact on your SEO ranking. All the images converted to SmartFrames will remain visible to the search engine crawlers as small JPEG thumbnail. You can adjust these settings in the Control section of the SmartFrame Admin Panel.

Does the plugin work on all major browsers?

SmartFrame images are fully compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. You can find more information here.

How can I remove “Powered by SmartFrame” label from my images?

If you’re using free SmartFrame account, you will see “Powered by SmartFrame” label in the bottom-right corner of your images. To remove it, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan, which start from €14 a month and additionally increases your storage limit to 10GB. You can upgrade your account directly from the plugin page inside of WordPress. Read more about SmartFrame pricing plans.

Why do I still see tags in the text editor in WordPress?

In the WordPress editor, SmartFrames are displayed with as regular images, but they can be recognized as SmartFrames by the data-smartframe-enabled=”yes” attribute. In the source code of the page, there will be no tag however, and the SmartFrame will be rendered by the SF Viewer script.


  1. Install the SmartFrame plugin either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server. (See instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin)
  2. Activate the SmartFrame plugin.
  3. Click to the SmartFrame tab on the left-side menu and start using the plugin.



  • Registration is no longer required to use the SmartFrame plugin
  • SmartFrame plugin is now compatible with WordPress 5.2
  • Bug fixes


  • Solved a problem with access code during the registration


  • Improved SmartFrame compatibility with some of the most popular WordPress themes: Avada, BeTheme, The7, Enfold, X The theme
  • Improved compatibility with SmartFrame panel and new IPTC mapping
  • Solved a problem with Deep Zoom in preview mode
  • Solved a problem that was causing account logout after plugin update


  • Free registration is now available in the SmartFrame plugin
  • Solved a problem with block validation
  • Solved a problem that was causing conflicts with Yoast SEO plugin


  • SmartFrame plugin is now compatible with WordPress 5.1
  • Improved circular progress bar


  • SmartFrame plugin is now compatible with WordPress 5.0
  • Added a loading spinner when converting an image to SmartFrame
  • User’s email address is now visible in the SmartFrame account section
  • Solved a bug that was adding unnecessary html tags to the main image tag


  • First beta release.