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SocketLabs is a cloud-based email delivery platform built to help you send your marketing and transactional email from one platform. SocketLabs provides optimized email delivery at scale, real-time tracking and analytics, reliable Email APIs for developers, and a suite of Email Marketing Tools that will make sending your next email campaign a breeze.

The SocketLabs WordPress Plugin allows you to easily route email generated by WordPress through SocketLabs rather than the default wp_mail() function that WordPress provides.

Use the SocketLabs plugin if:

  1. Your mail from WordPress is failing to be delivered and you need an easy way to get your email to the inbox.
  2. You’re looking for better Inbox placement over an optimized email network.
  3. You would like to get more insight into the performance of your email from our detailed reports in the SocketLabs Control Panel.
  4. Your WordPress instance has been blacklisted and you need to get your mail flowing again.
  5. Your WordPress site is exceeding the number of emails allowed by your ISP.

By using the SocketLabs plugin, you can finally take advantage of improved deliverability from WordPress, while benefiting from our powerful delivery platform that’s built to get your emails to the inbox. And in your SocketLabs Control Panel, you’ll be able to take advantage of our expanded feature set, including in-depth tracking and analytics, a Drag and Drop Email Designer, list management, and so much more!

For more details, please visit our official documentation here:

How do I create a SocketLabs account?

You can sign up for a free account here

Help Support

Visit our Support System if you have any questions, the SocketLabs Support Team is happy to help —


How is this plugin used

Once configured, the plugin will override the WordPress mailing feature and send your email through your SocketLabs Injection API.


  1. From the admin dashboard choose plugins and click the “Add New” button.
  2. Search for the socketlabs plugin and choose activate.
  3. Activate the plugin using the “Socketlabs” menu in WordPress.
  4. Add your api key and server id in the “Options” page.



* Fixed: From field from showing “From” in header value.


  • Fixed: Removed api status check from plugin startup.


  • Fixed: Addresses now allow comma delimited lists.


  • Fixed: BCC and CC addresses were not being added.


  • Added support for attachments.


  • Fixed issue related to running older versions of PHP


  • Fixed issue with ReplyTo address not being set.


  • Fixed issue with headers not being added correctly.


  • Fixed issue with HTML formatted emails.


  • Fixed SOCKETLABS_API_STATUS variable error.


  • Improved error handling


  • Initial release.