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Description A wordpress plugin to automatically resize and improve upon wysiwyg and textarea fields in Advanced Custom Fields Features Automatically resize wysiwyg and textarea fields in ACF groups Add data-wysiwyg-slug=’my-wysiwyg-field’… Lees verder »

Advanced Forms

Description Requires ACF PRO v5 Documentation: advancedforms.github.io Advanced Forms lets you build flexible forms using the power of Advanced Custom Fields. The plugin has been built with developers in mind… Lees verder »

ACF: Rus-To-Lat

Description Дополнение для Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) – очищает имена дополнительных полей от ненужных символов и преобразует в латынь. Screenshots Converts Cyrillic characters in field name to Latin characters. Installation… Lees verder »


Description Exposes Advanced Custom Fields Endpoints in the WordPress REST API See details on GitHub: http://github.com/airesvsg/acf-to-rest-api Faq Installation Instructions Copy the acf-to-rest-api folder into your wp-content/plugins folder Activate the ACF… Lees verder »