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Users List Table

Description Plugin that creates a custom HTML table with a list of users that we can filter by role and order them in alphabetical order by display name and username… Lees verder »


Description In Japanese: 当プラグインは問い合わせフォームをWordpress内で実現するもので、日本語環境のみで動作します。 主な機能は次のような3つの構成になっています。 1)管理画面によるシステム動作環境の定義。 2)簡単なフォーム様式の設計。 3)フォーム全体の処理モジュール群。 問い合わせフォームは世の中に沢山ありますが、データを横表示と縦表示に切り替えられるのが特徴です。 当プラグインは一貫システムなので設計から運用までに利用できます。 なお、上位システムであるマイFORM(https://pierre-soft.com/myform/)と連携して信頼性を向上させています。 In English: Our plugin realizes an inquiry form in WordPress, and works only in Japanese environment. The main function… Lees verder »

Post Search Ajax

Description Post Search ajax – is a live search plugin for WordPress. This already responsive live search engine, which will help your user experience by providing a user friendly ajax… Lees verder »

Comment Load More

Description This is a simple plugin that uses AJAX to load comments, converting the “Newer/Older Comments” button into a button that loads more comments instantly. This plugin also paginates nested… Lees verder »


Description This plugin allows you to connect with the Dinatur booking engine. This plugin only requires to enter the Iduser and the IdHotel provided by the Dinatur booking engine. Following… Lees verder »


Description With this plugin can you create page-transitions. You can use a lot of different animations. It use animate.css. http://daneden.github.io/animate.css/ Also every option of Owl-Carousel is usable: https://owlcarousel2.github.io/OwlCarousel2/docs/api-options.html You can… Lees verder »

React Webcam

Description A very simple yet effective solution to display the actual image from your webcam on any page. Directory with webcam images is periodically scanned and the most recent image… Lees verder »