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Description This plugin creates text based images for uploaded attachments. Support If you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to add a new topic under the support section: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/asciify Screenshots… Lees verder »


Description 该插件支持使用新浪云存储SCS作为附件存储空间。 This is a plugin that use Sina Cloud Storage(SCS) for attachments remote saving. 支持xmlrpc。 Support xmlrpc. 支持自定义上传路径。 Custom upload url supported. 详见http://blog.gimhoy.com/archives/scs-support.html. For more details, please visit http://blog.gimhoy.com/archives/scs-support.html…. Lees verder »

Attachment Meta

Description Put meta fields in attachment settings meta box. Copy custom_attachment_fields.php_copy to custom_attachment_fields.php, alter the array to add the fields you want, profit. Faq Does anyone have questions? Installation Upload… Lees verder »

百度云附件 BCS-Support

Description 该插件支持使用百度云存储BCS作为附件存储空间。 This is a plugin that use Baidu Cloud Storage(BCS) for attachments remote saving. 在百度BAE上支持xmlrpc。 Support xmlrpc on Baidu App Engine(BAE). 详见http://blog.gimhoy.com/archives/bcs-support.html. For more details, please visit http://blog.gimhoy.com/archives/bcs-support.html. Github开源项目:https://github.com/Gimhoy/BCS-Support/… Lees verder »

Qiniu Uploader

Description You can upload your image to qiniu cloud storage some code refer to the following plugin https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dbank-uploader/ Please report bug in https://github.com/caichicong/qiniu-uploader. Thank you. 安装这个插件之后,可以在文章编辑界面点击七牛的图标,上传文件到七牛云储存 部分代码参考了以下插件 https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dbank-uploader/ 请到 https://github.com/caichicong/qiniu-uploader… Lees verder »

sanitize image name

Description this couple of filter functions allow to upload image files with only numbers in the filename, avoiding the ‘attachment’ in the URL. ie: www.example.com/category/page/img_1/ instead of www.example.com/category/page/attachment/1/ Installation Upload… Lees verder »

Change Attachment Parent

Description Change Attachment Parent allows you to edit the parent value of anything in the media library. Installation Extract change-post-attachment.zip and place change-post-attachment.php /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the… Lees verder »