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API info for Plugins Themes from WP.ORG

Description Show Plugins Themes information on your site, from WP.ORG API, as described in WordPress API codex. Shortcode: [wporg_api_pt type=”plugins” by=”author” by_value=”wporg_username” …] Programatic access: ?php echo do_shortcode(‘[wporg_api_pt type=”plugins” by=”author”… Lees verder »


Description 帮助你在发布文章时自定义作者信息,免于手动新建作者。 1.2 change url 1.0 初始化项目 Screenshots Installation 从 WordPress 后台的「插件」-「安装插件」页面,上传插件。 发布文章时在发布内设置作者名。

The post author info

Description Плагин «The post author info» выводит информацию об авторе записи из профиля в панели управления WordPress. P.S: Если у вас остались какие-либо вопросы пишите на почту info[@]artemsannikov.ru. Faq Посетите… Lees verder »

Aria WP Author Info

Description Display author information at the bottom of the posts Link project on GitHub : https://github.com/arshaparthia/Aria-WP-Author-Info/ Faq How this plugin works Display author information at the bottom of the posts… Lees verder »

Additional Authors

Description Let’s you add more than one author to your posts. Arbitrary section Installation Upload additional-authors-wordpress.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Extract the Plugin to a Additional Authors Folder Activate the… Lees verder »

Author Bind

Description Author Bind is a plugin that lets you configure a User ID to override all future added or edited posts/pages. There is a settings page under Settings for this… Lees verder »

VK Front-end Grid Editor

Description This plugin can create Bootstrap grid layout on front-end. Arbitrary section 1 Screenshots Column mouseover. Column content edit. Installation Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through… Lees verder »