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Easy auto tags

Description Generate post tags from post title and content with Google. this plugin get help google.com to generate better tags for any type of content. Screenshots Settings page Output at… Lees verder »


Description 既存の全記事+タイトルとタグ一覧を比較して記事内にタグにある文字列が含まれていた場合、記事にタグを自動的に追加します。 Screenshots


Description Automatically repost old articles. Arbitrary section 1 Faq Do you have questions or issues with plugin? Use email tool@potalstyle.net. Installation Instructions Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the… Lees verder »

Auto Slug Cleaner

Description Automatic clean post slug with define your words Screenshots Setting Page in english language. Setting Page in persian language. Installation Upload auto-slug-cleaner to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin… Lees verder »

Admin bar AutoHider

Description (jp) 管理バー(admin bar)が自動で消えます。 あと位置も上か下で変更できます。 Readme Generator This Readme file was generated using wp-readme, which generates readme files for WordPress Plugins. Installation Automatic Plugin Installation ( en | jp )… Lees verder »

Admin Builder

Description Service at : http://admin-builder.com Admin Builder is a tool that helps developers generate admin panel sections fast and easy. You can create unlimited meta boxes with unlimited fields of… Lees verder »

Auto Update Themes

Description This plugin sets WordPress to automatically download and install theme updates. No configuration needed, simply install the plugin and activate it. Faq This plugin should activate the automatic downloading… Lees verder »

Grabber for QQWorld Auto Save Images

Description Additional grabber for QQWrorld-Auto-Save-Images, It can grab pdf for now. for example: a href=”http://example.com/example.pdf” title=”pdf”Example PDF/a Notice: This’s a plugin of QQWorld-Auto-Save-Images, Need QQWorld-Auto-Save-Images or higher version. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////… Lees verder »

BH Basic Slider

Description This plugin made with flexslider. Supported all crosebrowser and Responsive. very nice and helpful slider plugin Screenshots screenshot-1.jpg screenshot-2.jpg Faq Would supported all browsers Yes. Installation Upload BH Basic… Lees verder »


Description Autover plugin will automatically version your CSS and JS files. This is especially useful when using a Content Distribution Network (CDN) for delivering static files like CSS and JavaScripts…. Lees verder »

Auto youtube

Description An easy way to add video to your site with an automatic search based on tags, titles and categories. Screenshots Widget settings Changelog 0.0.3 0.0.2

wp auto top

Description ▶ 可选择靠右模式和靠左模式。 ▶ 有30种默认颜色搭配你可以选择,或者自己做好图片放到img文件夹下后台设置启用即可。 如有问题请联系: https://overtrue.me Faq Installation Instructions 1.您的博客后台选择 “插件” -”安装插件” -搜索框里输入”wp auto top” – 安装 -启用 即可 2.下载本插件,解压上传插件到wordpress的/wp-content/plugins/目录; 3.进入控制板启用插件; 4.进入”设置” “Wp Auto Top” Installation 1.您的博客后台选择 “插件” -”安装插件”… Lees verder »

Add BigFish Games Catalog

Description This plugin adds game catalog from http://www.bigfishgames.com/?afcode=afd63cd4ad992 to your Blog. The first significant difference is that you are sharing your customers with Big Fish Games. Big Fish Games then… Lees verder »

Auto FTP

Description Plugin allows you to save the host, user and password of your host ftp account so it no longer needs confirmation each and every time you install or update… Lees verder »


Description This plugin takes delimiters and replaces them with links using the GoogleAPI. Example: [movie]She’s The Man[/movie]… Will replace it with: She’s the man. Arbitrary section Faq A question that… Lees verder »