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Description Doofinder provides fast, accurate results based on your website contents. Results appear in your search box at an incredible speed as the user types. Doofinder can be installed in… Lees verder »


Description This is a short and sweet autocpmplete plugin, useful for autocompleting words, as the post author types the contents in the wordpress content area. By default, “wordpress” is the… Lees verder »


Description Provide autocomplete for search box by typeahead.js. 为您的网站搜索框添加搜索下拉词条建议功能。 Any suggestions,issues please comment on plugin home page. plugin page 任何问题,意见,BUG请不要犹豫向我提出,我会很高兴与你们交流! 插件主页 TO-DO 自定义搜索下拉模版。 自定义搜索文章类型,分类,标签。 提供搜索用户下拉建议功能。 提供cnd选项加载库文件节省流量提高访问速度。 优化css 更多新功能等你提出…. Screenshots demo… Lees verder »


Description This plugin adding autocomplete functionality to search input field. It is using core jQuery library as well as autocomplete jquery plugin from http://www.pengoworks.com/workshop/jquery/autocomplete.htm This plugin requires zero configuration, but… Lees verder »