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Description Autover plugin will automatically version your CSS and JS files. This is especially useful when using a Content Distribution Network (CDN) for delivering static files like CSS and JavaScripts…. Lees verder »


Description AdHerder is an automated A/B advertisement testing platform. Create your ads and AdHerder will select the best ad for each individual user. This means you can create any number… Lees verder »


Description Everytime you Publish a new post, this plugin will automatically send the update information to Pingler.com so the whole world can be notified that you keep your content fresh…. Lees verder »


Description TagGator is an auto tagging plugin, Just write enter a few keywords representing your contents, TagGator will automatically scan your posts for these keywords, and tag them according to… Lees verder »


Description Automatically creates a sequentially numbered post title of your choosing if the title is left blank when the post is published. The plugin keeps track of what number to… Lees verder »

Add Lightbox

Description This plugin for WordPress automatically add the rel=”lightbox[ID-OF-THE-POST]” to images linked in a post ID-OF-THE-POST is unique per post so all images per post are grouped in one lightbox… Lees verder »