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Description Uses Wapuus from the Wapuu archive as your site avatars. Screenshots Wapuus in action Faq Erm, why would I want to do this? Fun? For the love of Wapuus?… Lees verder »


Description Allows users to use Openname Avatars for the WordPress Avatar and add Openname data to WordPress themes. Openname is a blockchain-based (the technology behind Bitcoin), decentralized identity system. Your… Lees verder »

Gravatar Proxy

Description This plugin replaces Gravatar URLs with a local proxy. It helps mitigating Gravatar privacy risks by hiding your users IP addresses to Gravatar. Installation Upload wp-gravatar-proxy directory to the… Lees verder »


Description Twitwi, another simple Twitter Connect for WordPress. Only the basic : Login with a Twitter account Create a WordPress user Save locally on the server the Twitter picture’s profile… Lees verder »


Description Boobook, another simple Facebook Connect for WordpPess. Only the basic : Login with a Facebook account Create a WordPress user Save locally on the server the Facebook picture’s profile… Lees verder »

Bolo Avatar

Description Allow users upload a avatar, easy to use. 使用户能够上传自己的头像,使用非常简单。 本人提供 WordPress 插件开发服务,QQ:191227790 Faq A question that someone might have An answer to that question. Installation Upload bolo-avatar to the… Lees verder »


Description AvatarPlus allows users to use the avatar from a social service of their choice (supports: Google+, Twitter and Facebook) as their comments avatar instead of the default from the… Lees verder »

Profile widget

Description A WordPress widget for displaying user profile information on single post pages. See the Profile widget page for more information. Languages English German Credits DSS – Norwegian Government Administration… Lees verder »

QQ Avatar

Description Replace Gravatar while commenter use QQ numeric email address.如果用户使用数字QQ邮箱留言且公开空间头像,就替换成QQ头像。 Installation Upload the plugin to your blog, Activate it. You’ve done it ! Changelog 0.3.5 BugFIX:check file exit before deletion… Lees verder »

Gravatar China

Description 这是一个关于 Gravatar Cache 的重要更新,之前(2010.10.15) Gravatar 由于一些众所未知的原因不能访问,所以当初制作了一个 Gravatar 头像的本地缓存插件,但是由于当时编写的比较匆忙,遗留下了一些问题,包括但不限于:无法使用默认图片、无法缓存不同大小的头像等; 最近一段时间(2011.08.02),Gravatar 再次无法访问,所以重新写了一个插件 Gravatar China for WordPress,并解决的之前存在的所有已知的问题; Gravatar China for WordPress 特性 * Gravatar 头像防墙补丁:替换 Gravatar 头像能正常访问的地址; * Gravatar 本地缓存:对特殊的网络环境下给头像进行本地缓存; * 自定义设置缓存过期时间;… Lees verder »


Description Adds twivatar shortcode. When also passed a Twitter handle as the name attribute, the plugin will get the current avatar from Twitter, and store the URL for 24 hours…. Lees verder »


Description ClaimedAvatar is your OpenID Avatar image. Your avatar will appear beside your name when you participate (comments or other contents) on OpenID enabled websites. The ClaimedAvatar WordPress plugin enables… Lees verder »

Display Avatars

Description A simple plugin to display the avatar of a post author, without having to modify the theme to do so. Useful for a multisite installation, where users can’t edit… Lees verder »

MV-ID WP Avatar

Description Taking inspiration from the highly pluggable nature of WordPress, “MV-ID WP Avatar” is the first plugin to take advantage of filters in the “Metaverse ID” plugin. “MV-ID WP Avatar”… Lees verder »


Description This simple plugin is useful for retrieving the clean URL of the avatar of the author, in the case you are using the get_avatar function. It works as a… Lees verder »