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Description SesPress allows you to send emails using Amazon’s Simple Email Service. Major features in SesPress includes: Support to enable/disable the mail functionality Ability to add a default sender Test… Lees verder »

S3 Secure URL

Description Create temporary links to files which are stored in Amazon S3 service using simple shortcode. Shortcode builder also available (see screenshots). Read the detailed guide which describes how to… Lees verder »

SES for WordPress

Description SES for WordPress Introduction This plugin provides support for AWS’s Simple Email Service for your WP site. It supports arbitrary custom headers and handles image embedding for you. It… Lees verder »


Description Creates blog posts from Amazon.com search results. Requires an AWS key pair (obtain from https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/advertising/api/detail/main.html). Has the ability to search any index for the given search keywords and add… Lees verder »