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Description BountySite plugin allows BountySite users to manage their backups from within wordpress. This is done by making REST API to BountySite Backup API. Before using plugin, API ACLs(whitelisting of… Lees verder »


Description The WordPress CC-Backup plugin allows you to create your sites database backup at any time and simply restore it with one click. IMPORTANT Copy db.php file from: wp-content/cc-backup directory,… Lees verder »

TP Backup Automator

Description Regularly backing up your site is one of the most necessary things to avoid losing all your data. Every year, thousands of websites suffer from malicious codes, data loss,… Lees verder »

Backup Database

Description Pro Version http://wpallbackup.com http://wpallbackup.com/documentation/ We offer the easiest way to backup your WordPress based website or blog. You can backup your database just on click.them ** delivered via Dropbox,FTP… Lees verder »

Output HTML T72

Description This plug-in to export as HTML particular article. – Replace the path of the src attribute and href attribute – Copy to the upload directory Installation Please download from… Lees verder »


Description Posts2Excel is a very simple plugin which allows blog owners to backup all of their blog posts into a single Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet. Arbitrary section A brief Markdown… Lees verder »

mk Simple Backups

Description On a page within the “Tools” Submenu, you’ll find a simple form which lets you choose the ingredients of a current Backup: Uploads (either by scanning your Upload Directory,… Lees verder »


Description This plugin allow to backup files and database and sends them to your email. You can setup a periodically backup. Screenshots Setup your backup2email plugin Installation Upload backup2email.zip to… Lees verder »

Total Backup

Description This plugin backs up a whole WordPress site and its database into a zip file. Click the “Site Backup” button to start the backup. While backing up, the site… Lees verder »

WordPress File Backup

Description This plugin has merged with https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-sql-backup/ Screenshots Here’s a screenshot of it in action Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. e.g. Upload… Lees verder »

back data ass up

Description Warning! In developent, not ready for production use. Should be considered alpha at best. Tested with WordPress MU 2.9.2 – WordPress 3.1.3 More testing to come. Requires PHP 5,… Lees verder »

Vault Docs

Description This plugin automatically backup your entry to Google Docs. Support the following languages. English Japanese Requirements PHP 5(tested up to PHP 5.1.6) allow_url_fopen is enabled on PHP OpenSSL support… Lees verder »