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Description Bannerlid provides a simple WordPress admin extension to add banners and groups of banners to your WordPress template or your WordPress content. Banners can be added through content shortcodes… Lees verder »


Description SmartyAds easy-to-install plugin allows efficient monetization of your WordPress built website or blog by fast and handy integration of impression codes for advertising zones and website itself. Saving time… Lees verder »

BH Basic Slider

Description This plugin made with flexslider. Supported all crosebrowser and Responsive. very nice and helpful slider plugin Screenshots screenshot-1.jpg screenshot-2.jpg Faq Would supported all browsers Yes. Installation Upload BH Basic… Lees verder »

EL Banners

Description This plugin allow you to create widgets which will show banners, links or any other code from specified folder or file into a sidebar automatically. A widget will show… Lees verder »

Banner Cycler

Description This plugin allows you to create “cyclers” which you may upload slides into. These cyclers may be added to a page template and cycle through the various slides automatically,… Lees verder »