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Open Link

Description 使用短代码 [wp-openlink] 将链接输出到一个页面,带网站缩略图(备注字段)和点击数(评分字段),不修改数据库也不需要专门存储图片。 缩略图格式说明:长宽为 100px * 70px,保存格式为 Data URI 编码,读写实时,每张占用数据库大小约为 10k。 可配置缩略图接口 可自定义链接样式 More information: www.xiaomac.com. Free Website Thumbnails powered by WebThumbnail, realtime but not so stable. Screenshots links… Lees verder »

RSS Feed Checker

Description The RSS Feed checker looks through your blogroll for links with rss feeds and then stores the name and url of the latest article. The Links RSS Enhanced widget… Lees verder »

Blogroll Pager

Description Blogroll widget, with next prev controls to load new links via Ajax. Screenshots Blogroll Pager widget in action Installation Upload the whole plugin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate… Lees verder »


Description Plugin URL http://www.doc4design.com/plugins/bookmaster/ BookMaster is our answer to what we feel is an odd issue with the WordPress wp_list_bookmarks tag. For those that have exercised the use of wp_list_bookmarks,… Lees verder »

SuperLinks v0.1

Description SuperLinks replaces the standard WordPress 2.5 Links widget with a more customizable one. With SuperLinks you can add as many Links widgets as you want, and set the display… Lees verder »

Blogroll Links

Description For people who maintain their Web site or blog using the WordPress blog content management system, blogroll-links is an open source WordPress plugin that uses WordPress’ built-in Blogroll feature… Lees verder »

Buddy Love

Description Changelog Buddy Love WordPress Widget allows you to display a configurable number of the latest headlines from sites in your WordPress blogroll. If you have specified a picture in… Lees verder »

Better Blogroll

Description Changelog The Better Blogroll widget for WordPress allows you to display a configurable number of random links from your WordPress blogroll. This should help to combat link blindness while… Lees verder »

Blogroll Update

Description The Blogroll Update checks pingomatic.com (every 15 minutes) and weblogs.com (every 5 minutes, using the shortChanges.xml feed). If a link from your WP Blogroll appears, the plugin marks it… Lees verder »