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Description 本插件用于记录搜索引擎的抓取时间及抓取链接。 This plugin can record where and when the Search Engine visited. Easy but useful. Screenshots Installation 上传,激活,等待搜索引擎抓取,查看信息! Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the… Lees verder »

Easy Anti Spam Bot

Description Hide email from Spam Bots using a shortcode [email]your@email.com[/email] Light and simple This plugin is based on standard functionality antispambot (https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/antispambot) Works perfectly with all themes and editors of… Lees verder »


Description Over 10,000 companies of all sizes use Gobot to automatically generate qualified leads, answer customer questions, help visitors find the perfect product/service, collect customer feedback, send personalized emails, schedule… Lees verder »


Description weebotlite is a simple support chat with a nice interface Screenshots Faq Installation Instructions Go to your WordPress-Backend, go to “Plugins”-”Install” and choose “Upload Plugin” Then choose the contained… Lees verder »


Description What is Docubot? Docubot™ is artificial intelligence, designed specifically for legal websites. This handy, document-generating plug-in, is looking to tap into the estimated $45 billion dollars of unspent revenue… Lees verder »


Description Enigma encrypts text on demand and decrypts it on client to avoid your email address and any other sensitive content caught robots. Use short code [enigma]…[/enigma] to encrypt any… Lees verder »

AntiBot Captcha

Description AntiBot Captcha – simple good-looking, but well-protected plugin against spam robots for your blog comments Screenshots Example of captha in comments section Faq Please visit http://isaev.asia/en/my-wordpress-plugins/antibot-captchca/ Installation Upload the… Lees verder »