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Description This plugin ensures that the SpinupWP page cache is cleared when your site’s content changes. Not using SpinupWP yet? Sign up here. SpinupWP is a modern server control panel… Lees verder »

o2switch XtremCache

Description This plugin allows you to purge the XtremCache from o2switch.fr French and english available. Faq Installation Instructions Upload the plugin content to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory Activate the plugin through… Lees verder »

APC Clear Cache

Description APC, is a free open-source opcode (operation code) caching plugin for PHP. If your host has installed APC cache this plugin allows you to clear the cache from within… Lees verder »

OPcache Reset

Description This plugin clears OPcache after updating WordPress core, themes and files. Unlike other plugins, it is also compatible with theme and plugin updates made by WordPress Linux cron. Notice… Lees verder »

Detect Cache

Description A plugin by Shane Eckert. Created during the Automattic Grand Meetup 2017. Plugin checks for caching in three ways. 1. Plugin checks the site’s HTTP headers for caching directives,… Lees verder »

WP Admin no cache

Description The plugin disables browser caching in an updated version of WordPress 4.6.* Installation Download the plugin Unzip it Upload the unzipped folder to wp-content/plugins directory Activate and enjoy! Or… Lees verder »

Warp Cache

Description Simple, light and powerful cache plugin. No customisation required, only activate plugin and plugin will do the rest. Integrated GooglePage Speed Insights for monitoring how well website is optimized…. Lees verder »


Description This plugin is delete Nginx cache. To delete cache files by saving dir path. Faq When this plugin work? new post, Modify, Delete, trash, untrash article. Installation Upload deleteNginxCache… Lees verder »

WP BasketJs

Description This plugin use BasketJs to cache all your javascript file to browser’s localstorage for faster caching. Your can readmore about BasketJs at here : BasketJs For developer, you can… Lees verder »

Step by Step Social Count Cache

Description Step by Step Social Count CacheはSNSのカウントをキャッシュするプラグインです。 投稿の最終更新日から「1日」「1日~1週間」「1週間以降」の3つの段階で、キャッシュの有効期限を設定することができます。 カウントを取得できるSNSはTwitter、Facebook、はてなブックマーク、Pocket、feedlyの6つです。 (Twitterのカウントはcount.jsoon APIを利用しています。カウントを有効にするには、事前にwidgetoon.js count.jsoonでサイト登録をする必要があります。) デフォルトの有効期限は「1日以内」の場合は30分。 「1日~7日以内」の場合は1日。 「7日以降」の場合は1週間となっています。 それぞれの有効期限はオプションページで変更が可能です。 詳しい使い方や解説は作者の解説ページをご覧ください。 カウントを表示する方法 投稿のキャッシュを全て取得して書き出す方法(こちらがおすすめ) ?php $socal_count = sbs_get_all(); echo $socal_count[“all”]; echo $socal_count[“twitter”]; echo $socal_count[“facebook”]; echo… Lees verder »

APC Cache Purge

Description Alternative PHP Cache, is a free open-source opcode (operation code) caching plugin for PHP. If your host has installed APC cache this plugin allows you to flush the cache… Lees verder »


Description This is the Official Speedly.io WordPress plugin to help optimize your WordPress website for the Speedly network. Installation Download the plugin file Extract the speedly-for-wordpress.zip file Upload the speedly… Lees verder »

Cache Buddy

Description Minimizes the situations in which logged-in users appear logged-in to WordPress, which increases the cacheability of your site. Contribute https://github.com/markjaquith/cache-buddy/ Faq Will this work for BuddyPress sites? No. Nor… Lees verder »

Cluster Varnish

Description Varnish cache is a powerful extension which acts as a communication layer between Varnish and WordPress. Known issues Multisite There are problems with multisite support as is. There is… Lees verder »


Description Have performance issues? StaticWP converts your blog into a static site, so you don’t have to worry. Installation Upload the StaticWP plugin to your site, and activate it! Yep,… Lees verder »

uWSGI Object Cache

Description uWSGI Object Cache for WordPress. WARNING: This requires a manual install. GitHub repository: https://github.com/andrewbevitt/uwsgi-object-cache Installation Move the object-cache.php file to your WP_CONTENT_DIR. Add the following to your wp-config.php define(… Lees verder »


Description Automatically purge Cloudflare cache, including cache everything rules. Warning!!! This plugin is not for normal users! Read the whole readme and FAQ before installing. Cloudflare cache everything rules breaks… Lees verder »