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Pages with category and tag

Description Add Categories and Tags to Pages. Screenshots Faq not yet. Installation Upload pages-with-category-and-tag folder into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Add Categories… Lees verder »

Remove Archive Label

Description Removes the “Category:”, “Tag:”, “Author:”, “Archives:” and “Other taxonomy name:” in the archive title. No configuration is required Support Need help? Use the support Installation Upload remove-archive-label.zip to the… Lees verder »

Easy Primary Category

Description Notice: Currently works only with WordPress Classic Editor, not Gutenberg compatible Allows you to choose primary category for posts and custom post types. When the permalink structure includes category,… Lees verder »

Categorized New Post

Description Widget that displays the categorized new posts(titles and thumbnails). When this widget is displayed in “SmartPhone” category post, new posts are “SmartPhone” category only. サムネイル付きのカテゴリ別新着記事一覧を表示するウィジェットです。このウィジェットがスマホカテゴリで表示された時は、スマホカテゴリの新着記事一覧を表示します。 Arbitrary section 1 Screenshots… Lees verder »

Admin Bar Position

Description This plugin can change bottom to “Admin Bar”. It also can change Admin Bar position with “shift + up” or “shift + down”. 管理バーの位置を下に表示することが出来ます。 また、「Shift + ↑」「Shift + ↓」で上下に位置を変えることも可能です。… Lees verder »

Cat Block

Description Adds a block (widget or shortcode), which scrolls through the posts in a category. Current features Easy to use Only fade effect Customizable Shortcode Widget Shortcode Use [cvmh-catblock] If… Lees verder »