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Gallery Theme

Description Using this simple minimal plugin, you can easily change wordpress’s default internal gallery theme and design your own. There is a simple theme file ‘gallery-theme-default.php’ in the plugin’s ‘themes’… Lees verder »


Description Based on the onextrapixel.com article “13 Useful WordPress SQL Queries You Wish You Knew Earlier,” located at http://www.onextrapixel.com/2010/01/30/13-useful-wordpress-sql-queries-you-wish-you-knew-earlier/, several of the queries mentioned sounded like a possible plugin. Not… Lees verder »


Description With this Plugin you can set several descriptions for your blog. They change randomized without reloading the page. You will find an example video on the plugin-page at http://www.scriptpara.de/skripte/spdescchanger/… Lees verder »

Add BigFish Games Catalog

Description This plugin adds game catalog from http://www.bigfishgames.com/?afcode=afd63cd4ad992 to your Blog. The first significant difference is that you are sharing your customers with Big Fish Games. Big Fish Games then… Lees verder »

Auto FTP

Description Plugin allows you to save the host, user and password of your host ftp account so it no longer needs confirmation each and every time you install or update… Lees verder »