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Nutrition Chart

Description Shortcode [nutrition protein=145 carbs=34 fat=15 calories=540] displays the nutrition ingredients breakdown. Screenshots Nutrition chart Installation Install Activate Use shortcode [nutrition protein=145 carbs=34 fat=15 calories=540] to display the nutrition chart… Lees verder »

Product revenue chart

Description This plugin create chart with every month product revenue for actual year. Screenshots Faq none Installation Instructions Upload “product-revenue-chart.zip” archive file to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory and extract it. Activate… Lees verder »

WordPress Archive Chart

Description This plugin provides a shortcode to be inserted into posts which display a nice graph showing your recent posting frequency. Usage Insert shortcode in post: [archive_chart] Example [archive_chart name=”Posting… Lees verder »


Description Creating blog statistics page Create a page and insert PasiChart script similar to examples below: [[PASICHART blog y][size 440,200]] [[PASICHART blog monthly][size 440,200]] [[PASICHART blog w 49][size 440,200]] [[PASICHART… Lees verder »