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Check Baidu Result

Description 想看看自己的文章被百度收录了没有? 快来使用这个插件吧! 这个插件可以让你检查你的文章是否在百度搜索结果内,同时会把结果直接显示在文章内容部分内 English: Check your post whether it is in Baidu Search Result. Translators Chinese, Simplified (zh_CN) – Arefly Chinese, Traditional (zh_TW) – Arefly English (en_US) – Arefly… Lees verder »


Description Now you can maintain and verify the state of the backlinks on the linking pages from your link-exchange-partners. Translators German (de_DE) – Dennis Ploetner Italian (it_IT) – Antonella Cucinelli… Lees verder »