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Clear StatPress

Description 我安装的statpress插件,虽然设置了不记录蜘蛛访问记录,但有些不表明身份的蜘蛛的访问数据仍然会保存,严重占用数据库空间。 登陆后台phpmyadmin太麻烦了,刚刚粗略的学习了下插件制作,写了个简单的插件,执行清理作业。 DEMO:Leniy Donate link Screenshots screenshot-1.png Faq View here Installation Copy Clear-StatPress.zip to your WordPress plugins directory, usually wp-content/plugins/ and unzip the file. It will create a wp-content/plugins/Clear-StatPress/… Lees verder »

Clear Widget

Description Outputs a clearing div. You may configure the CSS class and height and disable inline style output. Useful when you want to ensure that a widget clears its predecessor… Lees verder »


Description Plugin which lets you to show posts in stylish, legible pop-up window, like in Safari. Please report bugs in comments [here]http://wolnaelekcja.pl/wp-readability/) (I speak English and Polish, so be polite… Lees verder »