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Description Campaign Management Adds the possibility to display campaigns and allow automatic webinar registration. It integrates the following two elements into your webpage: a list of upcoming campaigns of a… Lees verder »

2D Tag Cloud

Description Is your tag too simple? 2D Tag Cloud helps you improve your tag style. It makes a tag cloud with two visual values: hit and used count. For instance,… Lees verder »

Tag Cloud Canvas

Description This widget add a tag cloud 3d to your sidebar. Based on the jquery plugin tagcanvas.js from http://www.goat1000.com/. Screenshots Widget view. Widget options. Installation Upload the tag-cloud-canvas dir into… Lees verder »

Custom Word Cloud

Description The custom word cloud plugin will generate word cloud images based on page content or the contents of a form POST input named “content”. The cloud is specified using… Lees verder »

Tweet Cloud

Description Cloud of popular words and phrases from a user’s Twitter profile. Instead of using a tag cloud, which is dependent on your posts and options, Tweet Cloud aggregates the… Lees verder »

New Tag Cloud

Description New Tag Cloud is a little WordPress plugin wich generates a tag cloud. New Tag Cloud uses the WordPress own tagging feature, so that you don’t need any tagging… Lees verder »