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Wizhi Multi Filters

Description Wizhi Multi Filters 为WordPress的文章类型添加按照自定义分类法进行多条件筛选的功能。 使用方法 复制主题的 archive.php 为 archive-prod.php, “prod” 为上面设置中的 “文章类型名称” 的英文名称 添加以下代码到 archive-prod.php 模板中的 ?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ? 之前 注意:插件需要需要 PHP 5.4 以上的版本才能运行,建议使用… Lees verder »

Page Parts

Description Manage subsections of a page. Create ‘page parts’ as children of a page to display in different areas of your templates. Requires WordPress 3.4. For more information, view the… Lees verder »

Wizhi CMS

Description Wizhi CMS 以简码的形式添加了中国一些CMS系统常用的调用标签,如织梦,PHPCMS等系统中的模板标签功能。 CSS 栅格系统 基于Yahoo 的 Pure Css 0.4.2 的CSS栅格系统,可以很方便的创建各种宽度的自适应栅格,没有没完没了的宽度设置,只需要调整细节的样式就可以了。 同时也包含了一些media,list,form,button等基本样式,有兴趣的可以查看源码使用。 显示一个文章标题列表模块 ?php echo do_shortcode(‘[title_list type=”post” tax=”category” tag=”default” num=”6″ cut=”26″ heading=”0″ time=”true”]’); ? 参数: type:自定义文章类型的别名,默认为post tax:自定义分类法的别名,默认为category tag:自定义分类法的分类项目别名,默认为default num:显示的文章篇数,默认为6篇… Lees verder »

PKJ Page Source

Description Pkj Page Source is a plugin that let’s you list any custom post type as children of a “page”. If you have a custom post type “service”, and you… Lees verder »


Description PhotoLDR WordPress Plugin. PhotoLDR iOS app and WordPress plug-in together allow a WordPress site administrator to easily add/update/remove content and photos from a site. This plugin will allow a… Lees verder »

WebRTB CMS plugin

Description De WebRTB CMS plugin verandert uw WordPress in een WebRTB CMS. Faq Do you have questions or issues with WebRTB CMS plugin? Use the support channels appropriately. Support Installation… Lees verder »


Description CCS-HTTPS is a simple plugin that allows you to identify which pages should have HTTPS enforced. All other pages will have HTTP enforced. This plug-in will not interfere with… Lees verder »


Description wp-api translates your whole wordpress blog into a JSON formatted api. you can use many different methods to retrieve information about posts, pages, authors, tags and categories. You may… Lees verder »

Clean Admin UI

Description Use this plugin to hide admin menu items like Posts, Comments, Users, etc This makes it easier for your clients to navigate WordPress, no distractions, leave only those options… Lees verder »

PHP to Page

Description Keep your PHP and WordPress seperate, using the shortcode [php-to-page] you can include PHP files in your pages. This plugin is perfect for those who use WordPress as a… Lees verder »

Dada mail importer

Description This plugin allows you to import your newsletter/user data into the dada mail application. Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. Upload ‘dada-mail-importer’… Lees verder »

static template page

Description This plugin Allowes the theme writer to add a single page with a single template, and refer to it from code, without user configuration !!! Faq What is this… Lees verder »

Pods Widgets

Description Allows you to insert data from any PodCMS pod into your sidebar. Simply select the pod, the template, and specify the number you would like to show. You can… Lees verder »

Nice Navigation

Description This plugin adds a widget that makes your page list expandable/collapsible with a nice slide animation effect. Nice Navigation Features and highlights: Simple and nice collapsible/expandable menu with your… Lees verder »