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Description Formulaire de prospection Le formulaire de prospection vous permet d’enregistrer les données du formulaires dans Sellsy. Vous pouvez ainsi créer un prospect et/ou une opportunité dans Sellsy lors de… Lees verder »

CRM-service WP Forms

Description CRM-service is the perfect business solution when performance matters. This plugin integrates with the CRM-service and sends form submissions to the CRM-service for easy lead and customer management! Our… Lees verder »


Description Permite mostrar un formulario para recibir información de contactos desde tu sitio WordPress en la base de datos de CRM 2go. Para poder utilizar este plugin es necesario el… Lees verder »


Description Popup questionnaires linked back into a CRM in JUST a few clicks? Yup. Screenshots Admin Page Installation Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wow directory, or install the plugin… Lees verder »

GoAbroad HQ Plugin

Description WordPress Plugin for GO Abroad HQ Clients. You will need your HQ Username and API Key to be able to use this plugin. Faq Please see http://support.goabroadhq.com/support/solutions/articles/5000748946-how-to-install-the-plugin Installation Instructions… Lees verder »


Description Бесплатная платформа для интернет-магазина и бизнеса с CRM, рассылкой, SEO, вКонтакте, 1С, аналитикой и др. В платформу входят инструменты для продвижения бизнеса. Мы с 2012 года помогаем интернет-магазинам продавать… Lees verder »

eewee sellsy

Description Generate ticket support form (add ticket support in Sellsy) Create a multitude of forms for managing your support tickets. The form contains the following fields: Subject, E-mail, Name and… Lees verder »

B2i Investor Tools

Description About SEC Website compliance and other investor relations tasks made easy, automated, and affordable. Stop manually posting to your website, we keep your information up-to-date automatically, securely (https), and… Lees verder »

WP to kintone

Description CAUTIONS(注意事項) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- This plugin is not maintained and is not recommended. Please consider using Form data to kintone. このプラグインはメンテナンスされておらず、使用は推奨しません。 Form data to kintoneの利用をご検討ください。 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Get the app design information… Lees verder »

Contributors: crmpro

Description The CRMPRO Importer plugin for WordPress enables you to import your WP users into the CRM. The Importer installs as a Tool and can be used to import existing… Lees verder »