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Description Save all the posts that you plan to publish as a draft and make some settings, then Update and Start. 将所有要计划发布的文章存为草稿,并进行按提示设定,然后 更新执行计划 系统即可按计划运行; 1、可以指定计划任务的开始时间,发布时间间隔,发布数量, 2、可选择按ID升序或随机发布草稿文章。 3、可设置任务的重复间隔(天,小时或周) Screenshots PluginUI 插件使用界面… Lees verder »

Cron Logger

Description Have you ever wonderd what you WordPress is doing in wp-cron.php? Now you can see it. This plugin logs every schedule. Arbitrary section Faq Installation Instructions Upload cron-logger.zip to… Lees verder »


Description This plugin uses Citybreak Information System (CBIS) to sync articles from selected categories in CBIS to locally created posts in WordPress. First map the CBIS categories you want to… Lees verder »


Description EasyCron (https://www.easycron.com) provides reliable online cron job service worldwide. Its insanely easy-to-use webcron have helped thousands of users who’re fastidious on task scheduling perfectly configure cron jobs. Features Support… Lees verder »


Description Automatic timing post. 自动批量定时发布文章。 1、能够自动批量定时发布wordpress站点的草稿文章,无需每篇文章都手动设置定时发布时间,大大提高了工作效率。 2、能够自定义定时发布文章的时间间隔。 3、可选择按ID升序或随机发布草稿文章。 详情:http://www.daxiawp.com/dx-auto-publish.html Arbitrary section 1 Screenshots 后台截图 Installation 可以通过以下两种方法的其中一种来安装DX-auto-publish插件: 将下载的文件解压缩,然后将dx-auto-publish文件夹 上传到 /wp-content/plugins/目录,在插件后台启用 直接在后台-安装插件,搜索’DX-auto-publish’,按照提示安装启用 Changelog 1.0 发布dx-auto-publish插件 1.1 修复自动发布文章时会过滤html标签的一些属性代码 1.2 修复bug

Cron Debug Log

Description When active, this plugin logs unsuccessful results of wp_remote_post calls from wp-cron to a sites’s options table with an option name of ra_http_WP_Http_Streams + timestamp. The option_value contains the… Lees verder »