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Description The IntellaSoft Coupon plugin lets you create coupons that you can display on any page or post via shortcode. The coupons can be individually colorized. Screenshots Installation From within… Lees verder »

Dashboard Clock

Description A custom colored modern stylish analog clock for your WordPress dashboard Screenshots White colored clock Skyblue colored clock Green colored clock Configuration screen Faq Visit support forum: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/dashboard-clock Installation… Lees verder »

Hide CPT category from URL

Description This plugin helps in hiding custom post type category from the url and only shows the actual page name. Before – https://yoursitelink/custom-post-type-name/postname After – https://yoursitelink/postname Installation Admin Installer via… Lees verder »


Description WordPressのデフォルトのカテゴリーウィジェット、アーカイブウィジェットにカスタム投稿タイプで作成された記事も含めて表示させるプラグインです。 アーカイブページには自動でカスタム投稿タイプも含まれるようになります。 2018/4/17 RSSにカスタム投稿タイプを反映させる機能を追加しました。 It is a plugin that displays WordPress default category widget, archive widget including articles created with custom posting type. The archive page will automatically include… Lees verder »


Description custom page locking for WordPress admin screens usage In the function for your custom page, just use Occupied::protect() to enable locking on that page. ?php add_action(‘admin_menu’, ‘register_my_plugin_menu’); function register_my_plugin_menu(){… Lees verder »


Description PressCode provides the best and easiest way to add custom code to your WordPress site… without the need for cumbersome plugin creation. While targeted at developers this plugin aims… Lees verder »

Carbon Fields: qTranslate

Description This plugin adds translatable fields for Carbon Fields using qTranslate-X. This plugin requires Carbon Fields plugin and qTranslate-X plugin Resources WordPress Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/carbon-fields-qtranslate/ Github Repository: https://github.com/appristas/carbon-fields-qtranslate Issues Tracker: https://github.com/appristas/carbon-fields-qtranslate/issues… Lees verder »

AMP Post Script

Description In short, this plugin make custom modifications to the AMP plugin. The AMP plugin settings can be customized here: /wp-admin/customize.php?customize_amp=1 Add a custom menu to AMP… update it through… Lees verder »