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Options Management

Description As plugin developer, sometimes you need to visualize and delete some wordpress options, specially when you´re working on the activation/uninstallation of your plugin and during testing phases. This small… Lees verder »


Description underDEV Maintenance plugin which help you administrate your website. Block your website from public access ie. during the updates. You can whitelist: * IPs * admin users Note: wp-admin… Lees verder »

Debug Editor

Description 一个开发者必备的简易调试器。 单文件、仅五个函数、仅管理员可用、不写数据库 不占入口、不占页面、执行不刷新、顶部展开编辑器 可以实时查看或执行后台任何页面的任何变量或对象 注意:如果运行了更新数据库的语句,修改无法撤销 更多 https://www.xiaomac.com/2017122069.html Screenshots Debug Editor Changelog 1.1 修正插件页执行失败的问题 1.0 首个版本

Cron Logger

Description Have you ever wonderd what you WordPress is doing in wp-cron.php? Now you can see it. This plugin logs every schedule. Arbitrary section Faq Installation Instructions Upload cron-logger.zip to… Lees verder »

CL WP Info

Description WordPress plugin that show us information about WordPress install, PHP, Database and Hosting Server and also minimum requisites and recommendations for PHP and Database versions. Screenshots Info about server… Lees verder »

Seo Debug Bar

Description SEO Debug Bar is an easy plugin to get an SEO audit of your current page instantly. It checks 27 important points. There following SEO criterial are check :… Lees verder »


Description You’ll be able to confirm various variables of PHP as well as receive the notifications, warnings and fatal errors on WordPress by using this plugin. Usually WordPress users have… Lees verder »

AlT Report

Description Présentation AlT Report est un outil permettant de gérer facilement vos rapport d’erreurs. Vous pourrez signaler un bug à partir de n’importe quel page et voir sa progression. Fonctionnalités… Lees verder »

Debug Log

Description If the log is long, the latest lines are show at the top to avoid scrolling. Line numbers are shown for reference. Logs over 5MB do not load until… Lees verder »

Easy Error Reporting

Description This plugin helps to debug in production environment. On installation, the Subscribers and Visitors will not see the PHP errors, warnings or notices but Administrators, Editors, Authors and Contributors… Lees verder »

Show var_dump

Description “var_dump” method can’t show results in functions.php. If You can use original method “var_dump_ex”,the results shows in your dashboard after “Show var_dump” plugin install. Screenshots After install, results for… Lees verder »

Debug Bar Custom Info

Description This plugin adds an extra panel to Debug Bar plugin that allows developers to output custom debug info. Developers can log any variable to see its value when running… Lees verder »

Timber Debug Bar

Description Once installed, the Timber Debug Bar gives you access to the current template name, its absolute location on your server and the full contents of the context (array) sent… Lees verder »

Pretty Debug

Description Make var_dump’s and print_r’s more readable Function output references with http://queryposts.com API when possible. Use r instead of var_dump Use rt for text mode. For example: r($GLOBALS[‘wp_query’]-get_posts()); rt($GLOBALS[‘wp_query’]-get_posts()); Notes… Lees verder »

Debug Bar Hook Log

Description Adds a new tab to Debug Bar that displays the hooks that were called during the page request. You can live-filter the hooks that are displayed to hide noisy… Lees verder »

Unified Logging

Description Unified Logging is Logging as a Service (LaaS). This plugin taps into php logging and sends the logging information to Unified Logging (http://www.unifiedlogging.com) so you can be notified if… Lees verder »

Debug Tools

Description Lightweight debugging and profile plugin intended for use on production sites. Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. Upload debug-tools folder to the… Lees verder »