Tag: debugging

Debug Media

Description This plugin adds a Media panel to the Debug Bar. Requires the Debug Bar plugin. Changelog 0.3.0 Adds Ghostscript version information. 0.2.0 Adds information about Imagick resource limits, when… Lees verder »

RHJ4 Diagnostics

Description RHJ4 Diagnostics captures diagnostic messages written in PHP and conditionally directs them to various different logging functions. The plugin can be enabled or disabled during page execution, and it… Lees verder »

Pretty Debug

Description Make var_dump’s and print_r’s more readable Function output references with http://queryposts.com API when possible. Use r instead of var_dump Use rt for text mode. For example: r($GLOBALS[‘wp_query’]-get_posts()); rt($GLOBALS[‘wp_query’]-get_posts()); Notes… Lees verder »