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Description This plugin provides an easy framework to add Digg buttons and Digg widgets to your page. Digg buttons help drive traffic to your content by allowing easy Digging and… Lees verder »

uFaver Social Bookmarking Widget

Description The uFaver button makes easier for your users to bookmark and share your articles with other people. With simple 1 click – install, it?s powerfull enough to spread your… Lees verder »

Add To digg

Description This is a very simple plugin that adds an add to digg button (as you can see on this site). It adds a link and image of the form… Lees verder »

No DiggBar

Description The DiggBar is a URL shortening service that puts your website within a frame on digg.com. As a result, the user sees Digg’s URL, rather than your URL in… Lees verder »

Block Diggbar

Description This plugin blocks your blog from being accessed by the DiggBar. This message is displayed to the user: The DiggBar is blocked on this blog. Read why. Credits Digg… Lees verder »


Description Shows how your posts in doing at Digg on the Dashboard. DiggStats shows how many Diggs your post has got at Digg.com. Features Shows how your posts in doing… Lees verder »