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Description This domain check plugin allows checking if a domain name is available. Checking if a domain name is available is a complex problem. New top level domains emerge frequently…. Lees verder »


Description Point multiple domains/sub-domains at a single WordPress installation and maintain link integrity (i.e. if you’re on http://foo.com, links will be http://foo.com/bar, and if you’re http://baz.com links will be http://baz.com/bar)… Lees verder »

PS WP Multi Domain

Description This plugin rewrite “wp-config.php” to enable access multiple domain. It will be great help to link check of your WordPress site or mirroring for test. Functions Rewrite “wp-config.php” automatilally…. Lees verder »

Domain Theme

Description Domain Theme allows you to specify more then one domain name with your WordPress installation and optionally associate a specific theme for each domain. This enables you to present… Lees verder »