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Payolee Website Payments for WP

Description About Accept One-time or recurring payments on your wordpress website. Place a payment button or payment form on your worpress site with our shortcode. You’ll need a Payolee account… Lees verder »

Online Kettle

Description About The Online Kettle plugin makes it easy to promote your Salvation Army Online Red Kettle campaign from your WordPress blog or website. Usage The plugin makes it simple… Lees verder »

Donate With Robokassa

Description Author: Malgin Project URL: https://github.com/Malgin/dwr-wp-plugin Описание на русском языке доступно на официальной Github странице плагина. Robokassa is a payment aggregator, which helps you accept payment via a wide variety… Lees verder »

CommitChange Plugin

Description The simplest way to embed CommitChange widgets into your WordPress site. Installation For a step-by-step installation and setup guide, please visit https://www.commitchange.com/pages/wp-plugin

Stripe Donations

Description Accept donations on your site using the Stripe Button. Browse to https://uproot.us/projects/stripe-donations/ for more information. Installation Download and activate the plugin. Browse to Settings Stripe Donations and enter your… Lees verder »


Description Insire button code for donations or payments via MOIP www.moip.com.br in pagina Em pt_BR: Insere botao shortcodo [doarmoip] para doar com MOIP Admin WP/ferrammentas/Donations/register of donations Se ja tem… Lees verder »

Tipit Suite

Description Important: As TipiT is discontinued, this plugin is no longer maintained. Makes it easy to display a link to your TipiT tipjar in posts. Also includes a sidebar widget… Lees verder »