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Vadimages Dropdown Posts

Description Provide function to display dropdown with posts. Usage: v_dropdown_posts(array( orderby\” = \”title\”, \”order\” = \”asc\”, \”selected\” = 0, \”echo\” = 1, \”select_name\” = \”post_id\”, \”select_id\” = \”\”, \”post_type\” =… Lees verder »

Admin DropDown Categories

Description カテゴリーの選択方法を、従来のチェックボックスからドロップダウンに変えます。 親子関係を正確に維持しながら、簡単にカテゴリー選択を行えます! The change to dropdown from checkbox for the category. Accurately while maintaining the parent-child relationship, I can do the easy category selection! Arbitrary section Enjoy it! Screenshots… Lees verder »


Description OBS: All credits to this menu should go to: TransMenu March, 2003 Customizable multi-level animated DHTML menus with transparency. Copyright 2003-2004, Aaron Boodman (www.youngpup.net) All I did was to… Lees verder »