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PitchHub Embed

Description PitchHub Embed currently supports: * Short code “pitchhub” for embedding pitchhub URLs Technical specification… PHP7 compatible Getting Started Use the shortcode “pitchhub” with a string parameter named “url” which… Lees verder »


Description Embed an holiday overview from Tuxx on your website. On Tuxx you can find holidays from 30+ countries. You can copy-and-paste any Tuxx URL in a post and the… Lees verder »

Bypass Iframe Height Limit

Description WordPress sets a height limit of 1000px on iframes that are generated by the get_post_embed_html() function. This plugin allows you to bypass that limitation.

Embed Google Fonts

Description Embed Google Fonts tries to automatically replace registered Google Fonts from themes and plugins with local versions, directly loaded from your own server. Contribute: https://github.com/moewe-io/embed-google-fonts Notes The first request… Lees verder »

Porn Videos Embed

Description A very simple wordpress plugin for add shortcode embed videos from porn sites like xvideos, xhmaster, pornhub. Donations Faq Support Sites xvideos.com xhamster.com pornhub.com tnaflix.com tube8.com vporn.com gotporn.com drtuber.com… Lees verder »


Description WordPress plugin for the Backtracks player. Backtracks is industrial strength podcast analytics and hosting for serious podcasters. This is the official Backtracks player WordPress plugin. Get Started Getting started… Lees verder »


Description Embed a responsive rumble video. Screenshots Faq Installation Instructions To install the Rumble plugin: Install Rumble automatically or by uploading the ZIP file. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’… Lees verder »

Pilvi Embed

Description Pilvi-embed is a plugin that enables easy embedding of Pilvi platform’s features into WordPress. Currently supports embedding of – Product Cards – Product Card Groups See Pilvi Developer site… Lees verder »


Description [brackify bracket=”/b/3760/Best-Movie-Trilogy-of-All-Time”] shortcode will embed the bracket from https://brackify.com/b/3760/Best-Movie-Trilogy-of-All-Time in your post.

omny.fm Embeds

Description Utilize embeds hosted by Omny Studio at https://omny.fm easily within your WordPress installation by installing this plugin. You may then simply paste omny.fm share page links into posts and… Lees verder »

SoundFaith Embed

Description Usage Share an individual sermon Copy the URL from your sermon on sermons.faithlife.com, eg: https://sermons.faithlife.com/sermons/245351-this-is-my-commandment Edit the post or page where you want to embed the sermon. Paste the… Lees verder »

Mastodon Embed

Description A plugin to embed Mastodon statuses. Faq Installation Instructions Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly. Activate the… Lees verder »

oEmbed Wellcut

Description Registers wellcut.tv oEmbed provider with WordPress and adds it to the whitelist, allowing all users who can write posts to use this provider. Installation Use WordPress’ Add New Plugin… Lees verder »


Description CodePicnic allows developers show full-stack code environments to edit and run code. This plugin lets users embed CodePicnic consoles directly in the WordPress editor, using a toolbar button or… Lees verder »

Web.TV Embed

Description Upload your videos to Web.TV channel and embed them into your WordPress based site. About Web.TV Web.TV offers oppurtunity to launch/create your own channels on the internet. With its… Lees verder »


Description RESTposts is the ultimate FREE tool to display and embed posts from WordPress websites. You can use the built-in shortcode generator tool to create the perfect shortcode to display… Lees verder »

Bible Plus+

Description This plugin allows you to display bible verses and passages directly in your posts, pages or anywhere shortcodes are processed via shortcodes. Bible Plus+ harnesses the power of the… Lees verder »

Plugin Docs

Description Plugin Docs adds an additional text box to the plugins screen so that you enter notes to document what each plugin is doing, what it depends on, and what… Lees verder »

SoundPress Plugin

Description NOTE: For WordPress 5.0.2 and above, you need to install the “Classic editor” to use this plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/) Otherwise, you can natively embed soundcloud tracks from the new editor…. Lees verder »

Radeet pdf Embed

Description Basic use To embed a PDF you’ve uploaded to your WordPress site’s media library, simply put the URL for the attachment page in your post on its own line…. Lees verder »

Embed Hackpad Documents

Description Embed Interative Hackpad documents by pasting their URLs Installation Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/embed-hackpad-documents directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly. Activate the… Lees verder »

Payolee Website Payments for WP

Description About Accept One-time or recurring payments on your wordpress website. Place a payment button or payment form on your worpress site with our shortcode. You’ll need a Payolee account… Lees verder »


Description Easily replace Vimeo and Youtube player with Plyr.io video player. A simple, accessible HTML5 media player by @sam_potts from @selz. Plyr.io allows you to interact with YouTube and Vimeo… Lees verder »


Description Ritmo player for wordpress Screenshots Meta box plugin. Widget in theme. Widget in admin. Installation Upload ritmo to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in… Lees verder »

Porn Embed

Description Adds Embed support for xhamster.com, xvideos.com, youporn.com, tube8.com and pornhub.com in WordPress posts, pages and custom post types. Installation Upload the *.zip to your plugin folder / Install the… Lees verder »


Description Place ads on Hojta.se and then embed it to your WordPress site. About Hojta.se Hojta.se is a an swedish auction site by Pantbanken Sverige. Hojta.se WordPress Plugin With the… Lees verder »

Harrix MarkdownFile

Description Harrix MarkdownFile is a plugin to display Markdown files with syntax highlighting in WordPress. Demo http://blog.harrix.org/?p=1336 The plugin uses the libraries: parsedown: http://parsedown.org/ highlightjs.org: https://highlightjs.org/ Usage [markdown-file][/markdown-file] This shortcode… Lees verder »

Phando Video

Description Phando Video plugin lets you embed any video on post ,pages or widgets. It embeds the video using video link hosted anywhere. The video runs on phando video player(phando.com),facilitating… Lees verder »