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Gravitate Encryption

Description Author: Gravitate http://www.gravitatedesign.com Plugin Link: http://www.gravitatedesign.com/blog/wordpress-and-gravity-forms/ Description: This plugin allows the data stored by Gravity forms and other Plugins to be Encrypted and even sent to another database if… Lees verder »

Post Encryption And Decryption

Description Post Encryption And Decryption is an plugin designed to help you quickly encrypt or decrypt all posts of specific category or tag. 该插件可以帮助您快速加密解密某个分类或某个标签下的所有的文章。 Uninstallation Go into admin-plugins ,disable Post… Lees verder »

S/MIME Plugin

Description The S/MIME plugin adds S/MIME functionality to outgoing e-mails. This allows notifications to be securely encrypted to recipients using x509 certificates. This would be useful in a “closed” blog… Lees verder »