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My Favicon

Description “BleuT My FavIcon” plugin allows you simply customise your site’s favicon by uploading an image file. Screenshots Admin – Apearance – My Favicon Faq if Favicon doesn’t appear on… Lees verder »

EZ Favicon

Description A very simple favicon plugin. You can upload any size image and the plugin will resize it, convert it to an .ico file, and add the necessary html code… Lees verder »

Custom Favicon

Description Now easily upload a favicon and apple touch icon for your WordPress website and dashboard. Please report any bugs you find via http://www.dreamsonline.net/wordpress-plugins/custom-favicon/ My Links Twitter @harishchouhan Google+ Harish… Lees verder »

The Simplest Favicon

Description This plugin adds a favicon link to the document head section. There are no options. The link is always added when the plugin is enabled. The favicon.ico file needs… Lees verder »


Description Enter an email address and available contact information is displayed: Photo Name Demographic information Personal interests Clickable social links (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, …) Recent Twitter updates Recent Plancast plans… Lees verder »

cbnet Favicon

Description As of WordPress 4.3, this Plugin is no longer needed. The next update will integrate the Plugin into the core site icon feature, to allow for graceful retirement of… Lees verder »

SoJ Favicon

Description 1.0.2: output tags as XHTML 1.0.1: fixes a path problem. Just a real simple plugin to change the favicon for the admin pages; helpful if you’ve got a bunch… Lees verder »

Admin Favicon

Description Admin Favicon is a very simple plugin. It creates a link to a shortcut icon, or favicon, into the header of the WordPress administrative console. What does this mean?… Lees verder »