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Description It is a plugin to search for custom fields. Just activating the plugin will be displayed on the default search result screen. Faq Installation Instructions Upload the entire archive-posts-sort-customize… Lees verder »

Carbon Fields: qTranslate

Description This plugin adds translatable fields for Carbon Fields using qTranslate-X. This plugin requires Carbon Fields plugin and qTranslate-X plugin Resources WordPress Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/carbon-fields-qtranslate/ Github Repository: https://github.com/appristas/carbon-fields-qtranslate Issues Tracker: https://github.com/appristas/carbon-fields-qtranslate/issues… Lees verder »

Thumbnail Field

Description Thumbnail Field’s purpose is simple and straightforward: It creates two new functions, the_thumbnail_field() and get_thumbnail_field(), to facilitate retrieving information from a post’s featured image, such as the title, alt,… Lees verder »

Custom Menu Fields

Description This plugin provides an API which allows the developer of a site to add custom fields on the default menu editor. Example Initialisation ?php add_action(‘init’, ‘menu_excerpt__add_menu_field’); function menu_excerpt__add_menu_field() {… Lees verder »