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Description Smartideo 是为 WordPress 添加对在线视频支持的一款插件(支持手机、平板等设备HTML5播放)。 目前支持优酷、搜狐视频、土豆、56、腾讯视频、新浪视频、酷6、华数、乐视、YouTube 等网站。 直接粘贴视频播放页完整的URL到编辑器(单独一行),就可以加载视频播放器。 详细介绍 Smartideo 2 (WordPress 视频播放插件) 效果展示 https://www.rifuyiri.net/category/video (视频) https//www.rifuyiri.net/music/m-1/ (音乐) PS: 手机访问可以查看在移动设备上的效果 已知问题 哔哩哔哩在Android手机上无法播放(抓包发现是哔哩哔哩拒绝了一下资源请求,这个需要哔哩哔哩官方修复) Faq Installation Instructions 你可以在后台插件管理页面中直接搜索 Smartideo 并安装 或者上传文件夹 smartideo… Lees verder »

Hermit 音乐播放器

Description Hermit 音乐播放器:支持Html5+Flash 的音乐播放器。 详细介绍: http://mufeng.me/hermit-for-wordpress.html Faq Installation Instructions 上传 Hermit目录 到 /wp-content/plugins/ 目录 在后台插件菜单激活该插件 Installation 上传 Hermit目录 到 /wp-content/plugins/ 目录 在后台插件菜单激活该插件 Changelog 3.1.5 聚散皆叹缘分飘去,感谢过去一直以来的使用支持! 3.1.4 Update Meting; 3.1.3 修复网易云音乐;… Lees verder »


Description Shortcode integration for Flash MP3 Player from http://flash-mp3-player.net Faq I’m getting a PHP error Are you running PHP5 or greater? It’s required. Are you running WordPress 3.0 or later?… Lees verder »

Easy Flash Embed

Description Embed Flash easily and standard compliant with SWFObject using only a [swf] shortcode! In the text editor simply write something like: [swf src=”http://www.example.com/my-flash-file.swf” width=300 height=100] The attributes src, width… Lees verder »


Description NiTwPress is a Twitter client WordPress widget. It displays your twit to the WordPress sidebar with left to right scrolling like Niconico-doga. (NiTwPress is an abbreviation of `NIconico-doga like… Lees verder »


Description “play-button” lets you place one or more simple mp3 play buttons to your posts, pages or widget contents. It’s as easy as placing the simple [play-button:mysong.mp3] mark-up anywhere in… Lees verder »


Description Play MP3s on WordPress with the stylish and fully-customizable E-Phonic Flash MP3 Player. Manage custom settings, add your playlist and sample a live preview directly within the Wordphonic admin… Lees verder »


Description There’s a new version of aVideo called [Smart Video](https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/smart-video/ Link to Smart Video), which is better for you to share videos. It’s recommended to update to [Smart Video](https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/smart-video/ Link… Lees verder »