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Description Плагин был разработан для клиентов системы CRM.WG с целью максимально упростить добавление кода системы на сайтах созданных на системе управления контентом WordPress. Данный плагин вставляет код CRM.WG в футер… Lees verder »


Description ViperFeed adds a gorgeous footer to your RSS feed. This will be displayed for people who get your blog posts via email, or in an RSS reader like Google… Lees verder »

Special Footer Links

Description Sets up a way to add special footer links where wordpress calls wp_footer() – can be used for things like adding tracking codes. Installation Upload whole wc-footer-links folder to… Lees verder »

Yoast Breadcrumbs

Description Easily add breadcrumbs to your template. If you’re using one of the supported WordPress frameworks, it’s as easy as enabling the plugin and checking the “Try to add automatically… Lees verder »

RSS Footer

Description PLEASE NOTE This plugin no longer works and has been replaced by Yoast SEO. For historical reasons only: More info: RSS Footer plugin. Read more about WordPress SEO so… Lees verder »