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TIJAJI formatting

Description Stop the automatic formatting with articles and widgets so that tags are automatically inserted in line breaks. 記事やウィジェットで自動整形を停止し、改行に自動でタグが挿入されるようにします。 Screenshots Before after code. Setting from Customizer. Individual setting is also… Lees verder »

pure writing

Description 增强Wordpress的编辑器功能,让你享受纯粹的写作。 增强的功能 让编辑器支持Markdown语法 更简单方便的插? ?表格 支持插? ?表? (下一个版本会有更多表? 加? ?呦!) 更简便的编辑文字格式(字体,大小,颜色,格式) 支持预览功能 支持插? ?代码 任何问题,意见,BUG,新功能需要请不要犹豫向我提出,我会很高? ?与你们交流! 插件主页 Faq 启用了插件,没有效果或有错误? 请在插件主页留言,我很乐意帮助您!http://binaryoung.com/pure-writing Installation 上传插件压缩? 到 /wp-content/plugins/ 文件夹并解压。 在WordPress后台启用插件或直接在WordPress插件后台搜索Pure Writing直接在线安? 。 Changelog… Lees verder »


Description eBible.com is a Bible site that can be instantly integrated into your WordPress blog with this plugin. After installing and configuring the plugin options you just continue blogging and… Lees verder »


Description If you need to maintain a bibliography in bibtex format and also write a Web page to publish the list of your publications, then bib3html is the right solution… Lees verder »


Description BlogText (http://blogtext.mayastudios.com) is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to use a simple wiki-like syntax (based on the Creole wiki syntax) to write your posts and pages. This… Lees verder »


Description To report bugs or request features, please go to https://github.com/bpiwowar/papercite. Documentation can be found on http://papercite.readthedocs.org/en/latest/. papercite format bibtex entries as HTML so they can be inserted in WordPress… Lees verder »

Title Style

Description You can use this plugin to wrap lowercase words or words like “the”, “of” or “a” in em, span or div elements with custom class names. Helpful if you… Lees verder »

Allow Comments to Old Posts

Description Allow comments to chosen posts even if option “close comments to old posts” is on. Разрешает комментирование отдельны? записей при включенной опции закрытии комментариев после определенного срока (ВП 2.7)…. Lees verder »


Description WordFez is a plugin for bilingual (French-English) posts. It is seamlessly integrated into WordPress using a TinyMCE plugin. It will add 2 extra buttons in the WYSIWYG interface for… Lees verder »

По български

Description Разширението „По български“ помага за по-доброто оформление за публикации на български език. Засега по следните начини: заменя английските кавички с български: „ и “ слага автоматично български кавички на… Lees verder »


Description This plugin supports Textile syntax for posts. It’s just a thin wrapper of Textile 2.0.0. The Textile syntax works only in between ‘{{{‘ and ‘}}}.’ A single post can… Lees verder »


Description eBible.com is a Web 2.0 Bible site that can be instantly integrated into your WordPress blog with this plugin. After installing and configuring the plugin options you just continue… Lees verder »


Description TikiWikiFormatting uses a subset of UseMod Wiki’s syntax to format posts more easily. It makes it easier to create lists and HTML links by hand. onePointOne onePointTwo two three… Lees verder »

Code Snippet

Description Code Snippet was created by Roman Roan and originally hosted at http://blog.enargi.com. It is powered by the GeSHi engine and is quite possibly the best syntax highlighting engine for… Lees verder »


Description This WordPress plugin will allow users to maintain a list of acronyms and abbreviations (though it makes no distinction between the two) from within the WordPress Management interface, and… Lees verder »