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Description BBPress Templater – quick creation of BBPress Forums from a predefined template. Instructions Install Install the plugin Activate the plugin You will now see a “BBTemplates” item on your… Lees verder »

bbPress Users Stats

Description Adds topics and replies stats for each users Installation Place the ‘bbpress-users-stats’ folder in your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory. Activate bbPress Users Stats. No configuration required Changelog 0.1.0 Plugin release

MyBB Latest Posts

Description This plugin was made by the same author who developed WordBB (https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordbb/). I wanted a simpler version of the plugin without the bridging part, this plugin installs a widget… Lees verder »


Description SMF2WP is a simple one way bridge from Simple Machine Forum (v2.0.1 tested) to WordPress (v3.2.1 tested). This means, this one uses databases of SMF Forum and sync to… Lees verder »

bbPress Live

Description bbPress Live allows the display of information from a bbPress 1.0 forum from inside a WordPress blog. Specifically, it provides two new widgets: bbPress Forum List – Provides a… Lees verder »