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Monster Gallery

Description This plugin added functionality standart Gutenberg gallery in latest version WordPress. This edited frontpage views added slider and lightbox format. Этот плагин добавляет функционал к стандартной Gutenberg гелерее в… Lees verder »

CS Gallery

Description Responsive thumbnail grid and popup dialog for images/document-files/mp3sounds/embedded youtube videos. Pop-up fullsize image for each thumbnail with description-text. Filter by category, place, textsearch or filetype. Administrator can add and… Lees verder »


Description Gallerya transforms the WordPress native post gallery into a full fledged slideshow with features like images thumbnails stripe and lightbox support. Installation Upload the entire gallerya folder to the… Lees verder »


Description A plugin which adds a shortcode: [gallery_from_regex_matches] in which a regex attribute should be specified. It will then look for matches in the descriptions and titles of all published… Lees verder »


Description Support You can email me @ thakursuryaveersingh@gmail.com Screenshots screenshot-1.jpg screenshot-2.jpg screenshot-3.jpg screenshot-4.jpg screenshot-5.jpg screenshot-6.jpg screenshot-7.jpg screenshot-8.jpg Faq Installation Instructions Download su-gallery.zip and extract it from wp-content\plugins (plugin folder). Activate… Lees verder »

wbldr Zooming

Description Wszystkie zdjęcia będące linkiem zamiast otwierać się w nowej stronie stają się modalem. Faq Installation Instructions Wrzuć wbldr-zooming.php do /wp-content/plugins/ Aktywuj plugin w zakładce ‘Pluginy’ w WordPress Wszystkie ustawienia… Lees verder »

Brand Extra

Description Add Flickr widgets, Instagram widgets, Social links widgets, gallery shortcodes and more on your theme. Enhanced gallery Brand Extra enhances the default WordPress gallery. It displays it in a… Lees verder »


Description MjPostFormats is a simple plugin to create an infinite post format. It is compatible with ACF 😉 A brief Markdown Example See the screenshot-1.png Copy the code in screenshot-1.png… Lees verder »

Allure Gallery

Description The Allure Gallery plugin provides functionality for the native WordPress gallery to have one image on top with thumbnails underneath. Fully responsive. Screenshots Allure Gallery vs Native WP Gallery… Lees verder »


Description MjCaroussel is a simple plugin to create photo galleries. Use a shortcode [mjcaroussel id=”2″] in editor. The ID is the id_term or the ID gallery. A brief Markdown Example… Lees verder »

Minigal Nano WP

Description Minigal Nano WP is a very simple image gallery. It adheres to the KISS principle and is very easy to install. Minigal Nano WP does not have a web… Lees verder »