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Description This plugin is a replacement for my old “GPS MAP Widget” plugin with the following options: In the “media” list view there’s a new column which shows the availability… Lees verder »


Description WordPress plugin that displays a “location taken map” for all embedded Flickr photos that contain coordinates. For every photo in a wordpress post/page that is hosted on Flickr, this… Lees verder »

Places WP Lite

Description Places WP is the most popular wordpress plugin to enable places support into your wordpress website/blog. It enables your app to collect users location from HTML based browser’s location… Lees verder »


Description This plugin uses the Leaflet JavaScript library and tiles from the Open MapQuest project to display beautiful maps of GPX tracks. http://davidkeen.github.com/gpxpress/ Credits Icons from the Map Icons Collection…. Lees verder »

Postal Logger

Description Used to log postal codes of users coming to your blog. License Copyright 2010 – 2014 Joe Boydston, Don Kukral This program is free software; you can redistribute it… Lees verder »


Description Geotagmapper adds geographical identification metadata (latitude and longitude) to the HTML header.You only have to specify your address. Check out my other WordPress Plugins Remove plugin Deactivate plugin through… Lees verder »

OSM – OpenStreetMap

Description If you want to get detailed information about the OSM-plugin visit these pages: Homepage: WP-OSM-Plugin Forum: EN|DE Twitter: @WP_OSM_Plugin Features of the OSM-plugin: OpenStreetMap, OpenSeaMap, OpenWeatherMap, BaseMap (AT), Stamen,… Lees verder »